Permanent Placement

Insigma Permanent Placement Services

How we
can help

Do you run into trouble hiring, training, or having enough staff to tackle projects? We’ll work with you to meet your long-term staffing needs with the most effective, brilliant professionals in the IT & healthcare industry. With our global network, local recruiting expertise, and labor market experience, we help clients find qualified talent and make appropriate hiring decisions.

Find An Outstanding New Employee

Bringing the right talent in IT & Healthcare industry

With our Permanent Placement services, you can:

●  Find talent for various assignment levels from junior to executive positions
●  Access a wide pool of candidates with different backgrounds and expertise
●  Get introduced to the right candidate in a timely manner
●  24/7 support in the recruitment, retention, and development of a diverse and       inclusive workforce
●  Compliance with your screening and interviewing requirements
●  Recruit candidates to fill permanent positions on your team
●  Provide manager and director level consultants to lead your team while you hire

plan of action

Permanent placements to propel your business forward

When your company lacks the necessary expertise to keep your IT environment running at peak efficiency, Insigma’s permanent placement services can help. For a consultation to learn how we can position you to reach your business goals, get in touch today.